Dr. Charles Parker

Neuroscience Consultant


Dr. Parker

Thanks for joining me with these foundational courses that, once understood & mastered, will add deep precision-value to your care, and will improve the way you think about any psychiatric interventions strategies through using dramatically interesting data points for mind insights beyond "ADHD." Cognition, improved thinking, matters. My brief bio in a download here: http://corebrainjournal.com/bio

Added Value Mind Tools For Our Next Steps

Our curriculum improves mind-biomedical insights for applications beyond "ADHD" - and these Bonus details connect both the community & the teaching process.

  • Bonus PDFs

    Included for specific download and use in either your work with your medical team or your own medical practice - Predictable Solutions, CoreBrain Biologic Review, Testing Options with video links to explain how and why to help resolve the complexity of next steps anywhere.

  • Facetime Bonus

    Parker Live: Six one hour CBA Students-Only Facetime Video Q&A sessions with specific answers for pre-submitted questions - recorded/saved for asynchronous playback here at CBA for your review & later reference to understand personal challenging details.

  • Video Bonus

    More than four hours of Parker specifics on the connections between "ADHD," Executive Function, Autism, Asperger's, Methylation, medications & supplements provides details for the interface of these various conditions with specific treatment plans.